Sam's Equinox

An homage to classic horror of the 1980s, Sam’s Equinox was created and produced by The Night Stories as a nostalgic love letter to video rental stores and late night movies. A limited release, Sam’s Equinox captures the vibe and low-budget appeal of 1980s horror flicks.

We knew right off the bat, we wanted to have a video store vibe to the design. Levi Biel’s cover art immediately brings images of walking the aisles of your local rental store looking for your next flick to spend Friday night curled up in a ball under your covers. Digging through archives of VHS covers, one thing that stood out was the simplicity of back covers. Selling you the plot and enticing you in a small space, but still make it appealing was a vital component of VHS tapes, especially in the rental era.


Blood Gushing Records




Levi Biel – Illustrator

Project Details

Art Direction
Package Design
3D Modeling


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