Blood Gushing Records

The instinctual response of fight or flight has been deeply ingrained in our genetic makeup. Although its relevance has diminished over millennia, no longer essential for survival in the Cradle of Humanity, the desire for fear persists within us. Fear serves as a mechanism to keep us alert and more importantly, alive.

Blood Gushing Records emerged from the shared passion of two individuals who possess a deep appreciation for both horror and music, seeking to merge the two to create spine-chilling auditory experiences. I was enlisted to design a logo and shape a brand identity for this burgeoning label, which evokes a sense of nostalgia reminiscent of browsing the aisles of your local VHS rental store. The logo is utilized across various digital and print platforms, embodying the essence of horror that serves as its foundation.

Drawing inspiration from horror movies and entertainment of the 1970s and 80s, the Blood Gushing Record logo embraces these influences. In addition to paying homage to its inspirations, I aimed to imbue the design with a contemporary, dynamic, and stylish appeal.


Blood Gushing Records




Levi Biel – Illustrator
Jill McClain – Copy
Michael Watson – Photography

Project Details

Creative Direction
Art Direction
Logo Design
Graphic Design
Website Design


T-Shirt Designs


Coffee Mug Design


7-inch Sampler

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